Saturday, December 18, 2010

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     Today you probably have seen many types of restaurant promotions, like buy one get one entree or 50% off discount, try & grab the public’s attention. However, Enzo’s Ristorante Italiano, which is a locally owned Bonita Springs restaurant since 1985, thinks this contagious marketing campaign is one that is only doomed for failure. Enzo’s thinks a smaller restaurant coupon or discount is sustainable & smarter advertising, along with simply guaranteeing all patrons quality food and excellent service. If southwest Florida locals want their favorite restaurants to survive & provide great dining experiences in the future, then something needs to be done to put a stop to this unsustainable path. Offering a buy 1 get 1 or 50% off discount as a restaurant is great for the public diners but terrible for business, given it generates unstable sales and no profits. If nothing is done to stop this, then not only will those restaurants promoting the “buy 1 get 1″ fail, but so will those restaurants who focus on quality, given more restaurant dollars will go where free dinners are offered. In summary, Enzo’s believes the smaller local restaurants should focus on giving personal touches on quality food and service rather than giving free dinners away. Let’s get back on a sustainable path where everyone economically benefits.
Enzo's Naples Restaurant Coupon | Bonita Springs Coupon


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